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The Redhawk Foundation Donates $24,000 in Grants to Benefit Natick Youth Organizations

June 13, 2022 - (Natick, MA) The Redhawk Foundation announced that it has donated $24,000 in grants to seven Natick youth-focused organizations including:

  • Natick Soccer Club

  • Natick Little League Youth Baseball and Softball

  • Natick Comets Youth Hockey

  • Natick Lacrosse

  • SPARK Kindness

  • Natick Novas

  • PATH

The grants were made possible through the Redhawk Foundation’s inaugural golf event “The Redhawk Cup” in August 2021, as well as private and corporate donations from The Allain + Warren Group and the Austin Memorial Foundation. The mission of The Redhawk Foundation is to provide financial support to youth-focused organizations in Natick, MA to be used toward registration fees, equipment upgrades, and the improvement of fields and facilities. The Foundation surveyed youth organizations in the town to determine each group’s needs, and awarded grants to all.

The Natick youth sports leagues (soccer, baseball, softball, hockey and lacrosse) provide year-round programming for thousands of school-aged children residing in the town. SPARK Kindness, launched in 2010 to counter cyberbullying, hosts free programs and resources including speakers, parenting groups, community activities, and support whenever needed. The Natick Novas is a team of middle schoolers with an interest in STEM, specifically computer science and robotics, that competes in international robotics competitions. PATH provides funding and support for Camp Arrowhead, a summer camp for kids and adults with disabilities.

“Natick Soccer provides a wide range of soccer programming for approximately 1500 kids of all ages and levels each season.” said Reuben Ackerman, current Natick Soccer president. “Support from the Redhawk Foundation enables us to broaden our reach through financial aid and support to keep our programming accessible, so that any child who wants to play soccer in Natick has the opportunity to do so. We are very grateful to partner with the Foundation in our inclusiveness efforts.”

The Redhawk Foundation, founded by Jessica and Mike Allain and Natalie and Pete Warren, all of Natick, launched in 2021 and has received tremendous community and corporate support.

“We are grateful for the kindness and generosity of the Natick community, our local businesses and beyond,” said Redhawk Foundation co-founder Pete Warren. “These types of programs are critical tools for a child’s development, not only physically but also on a social and emotional level. I think it’s something we all agree on as a community; that every kid should have access to quality youth programs. It’s been amazing to see everybody come together and rally behind this idea.”

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About The Redhawk Foundation

Founded in 2021, The Redhawk Foundation, a donor-advised fund of the Foundation for MetroWest, provides financial support to youth-focused organizations in Natick, MA. through event fundraising and the generous donations from private and corporate sponsors. The grants are intended to be used toward registration fees, equipment upgrades, and the improvement of fields and facilities. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

About Foundation for MetroWest

The Foundation for MetroWest is a community foundation that improves the quality of life in 30+ MetroWest communities. Since 1995 the Foundation has been providing financial and

educational resources to local nonprofit organizations, sharing essential data about the region to inform critical decision making, and partnering with donors to help guide and align their giving with the areas of greatest need in the community. The Foundation is supported by a range of businesses, individuals, and other philanthropic organizations. Currently the Foundation stewards more than $30 million in charitable assets for immediate needs and future impact.

To learn more, please visit or call 508-647-2260.


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